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Surgical Face Mask Cold 2 MASKS

Surgical Face Mask Cold 2 MASKS
  • Product Detials:Approved by NIOSH as a type N95 respirator. It meets CDC guidelines for TB exposure and is designed specifically for use in a health care setting. Recommended by health care officials as precautionary measure against the "BIRD FLU" and " SARS". It has a soft inner shell for greater comfort against the face and because it's fluid resistant, it aids in reducing the potential exposure of the wearer to blood and other fluids. The 3M 1860 is available in 1860 standard size and 1860S Regularsize to fit a variety of face shapes and sizes. 3M1860 standard size covers approximately 4.825" (height) x 5.25" (width) of face The 3M1860 is NOT just a Particulate Respirator, the 3M 1860 is both Particulate Respirator and Surgical Mask. Respirators are designed to help reduce the wearer's respiratory exposure to airborne contaminants. Surgical/procedure mask is designed to help prevent large particles expelled by the wearer (e. G. Spit, mucous) from reaching the patient or work environment. The 3M1860 offers a combination of a particulate respirator and a surgical mask. Model NO.: T45 Company: Betterlife Medical Equipment Co., Ltd
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