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Disposable Infusion Set (ELC090008)

Disposable Infusion Set (ELC090008)
  • Product Detials:DISPOSABLE INFUSION SET Item: ELC090008 This product is mainly consist of spike, air filter, drip chamber, PVC tube, flow regulator, liquid filter, flash bulb, taper connect. It is made of Non-tonxic, medical-grade PVC Features: 1) sterilized using eo gas 2) non-toxic, non-pyrogenic Specifications: 1) types available: Iv infusion sets, y-type infusion sets 2) components: 1. Double steel needle cover 2. Double steel needle with air-vent 3. Drip chamber cap 4. Drip tube 5. Fluid filter 6. Flow regulator 7. Taper fitting 8. Flash bulb 9. Luer (male conical fitting) 10. Needle hub 11. Needle cover Model NO.: ELC090008 Company: Everlasting Care Company
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Contact Info
Company: Everlasting Care Company
Area: China/Jiangsu
Contact: Mrs. Ann Wilson(Sales Dept
Tel: 86-25-88881234
Fax: 86-25-88880578
Web site:
Add: Fada, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

Supplier's information
   Everlasting Care Company

     Everlasting Life Company is professional in various kinds of medical products, including surgic ..... more >>

Contact: Mrs. Ann Wilson(Sales Dept 

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