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I. V. Cannulas (WG-04)

I. V. Cannulas (WG-04)
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    Application Intravenous supply of infusions and transfusions of blood and its components Recommended where infusions have to be given more than once or in emergency medicine. Type with ports suitable for injections of medicine without additional puncture For use with all kinds of infusion and transfusion sets Specification With and without injection port Sizes 24G to 14G outer diameter. More Product Features Model NO.: WG-04 Standard: CE Company: Weigao Group Product Co., Ltd

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Company: Weigao Group Product Co.,Ltd
Area: China/Shandong
Contact: Ms. Joanne Ding
Tel: 86-631-5623485
Fax: 86-631-5622563
Web site:
Add: 312,Shichang Road,Weihai,China
Zip: 264209

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   Weigao Group Product Co.,Ltd

     The Group is registered in the PRC and has an extensive sales network comprising 17 sales offic ..... more >>

Contact: Ms. Joanne Ding  

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