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Popular Infusion

Popular Infusion
  • Product Detials:The disposable use infusion mainly fills the puncture outfit, the air admission by the bottle, drip chamber, latex tube, roller clamp, solution filter, infusion needle is composed, its specification sells internally, the for sale abroad two kinds, the produce sterial non-pyrogenic, the easy to operate, the performance conforms to GB8368-1998 (equivalent to use the ISO8536-4 international standard) the standard request. This product is suitable for the clinical human body venous transfusion, this product can the gravity infusion. 1. Uses the high transparent medical level PVC injection molding drop to fight, is advantageous for the observation bubble. 2. Uses the ABS plastic to insert the bottle needle, the puncture bottle fills is relaxed, is safe. Company: Weifang Huaxing Medical Instrument Co,Ltd
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Contact Info
Company: Weifang Huaxing Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd
Area: China/Shandong
Contact: Ms. Lu Feifei(Internation
Tel: 86-536-5891359
Fax: 86-536-5891359
Web site:
Add: Hua Long Town, Shou Guang City, Weifang, Shandong, China
Zip: 262721

Supplier's information
   Weifang Huaxing Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd

     Weifang Huaxing Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. produces the disposable medical high polymer equip ..... more >>

Contact: Ms. Lu Feifei(Internation 

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