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Surgical/Food Service/Bouffant Caps & Hoods

Surgical/Food Service/Bouffant Caps & Hoods
  • Product Detials:In a world where we need to meet certain sterile requirements the issue of headwear is an important one. The regulations of governments and individual company practices to avoid contamination by hair to patient, food, or industrial settings has led to our company developing and supplying these products. All products are made from Spunbond or we can make them from a material of your choosing. Standard colors are white, green, blue, yellow, or pink. Special colors and materials can be provided upon request. Company: Chinahawk Enterprises Ltd.
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Contact Info
Company: Chinahawk Enterprises Ltd
Area: China/Beijing
Contact: Mr. Jerry Harmon
Tel: 86-10-65526175
Fax: 86-10-65523780
Web site:
Add: Suite 5 A, Building 7, Julong Garden, 68 Xinzhong Ave., Dongchen Dis, Beijing, China
Zip: 100027

Supplier's information
   Chinahawk Enterprises Ltd

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Contact: Mr. Jerry Harmon 

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