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Blood Collection PT Tube

Blood Collection PT Tube
  • Product Detials:PT Tube is mainly used for the test of blood coagulation mechanism. It is filled with buffered tri-sodium citrate solution, and citrate concentrations of either 0.109mol/l (3.2%) or 0.129mol/l (3.8%) are available. The choice of the concentration depends upon the policies of the laboratories. The mixing ratio is 1 part citrate to 9 parts blood with the advantage of high accurate blood-to-additive ratio. It can provide an excellent condition for the test of PT and APTT values. Guangzhou Improve Medical Instruments Co., Ltd, established in 1996 and headquartered in Guangzhou, is a hi-tech enterprise approved by Guangzhou Municipal Government. From the very beginning of its establishment, IMPROVE has devoted itself to the development, manufacture and promotion of disposable devices, equipments and technologies for clinical diagnosis and clinical nursing, and aspired to become the major supplier of those products and services in the world, realizing the goal of turning expert in sample treatment and clinical nursing. Through ten-year development, IMPROVE has now grown up and become a famous supplier in the field of clinical diagnosis labs and clinical nursing and wined highly recognition from its customers and partners with high quality, advanced technology and unique service. Productivity: 200000 Company: Guangzhou Improve-Medical Instruments Co. Ltd
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Company: Guangzhou Improve Medical Instruments Co.,Ltd
Area: China/Guangdong
Contact: Mr. Ryan Chang(Internatioa
Tel: 86-20-81559836
Fax: 86-20-81587533
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Add: 16 huahai Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Zip: 510370

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   Guangzhou Improve Medical Instruments Co.,Ltd

     Guangzhou Improve Medical Instruments Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Improve Medical”) ..... more >>

Contact: Mr. Ryan Chang(Internatioa 

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