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Nonwoven Surgical Gown

Nonwoven Surgical Gown
  • Product Detials:Size: 115*127cm, 115*136cm, 115*145cm, 130*150cm Color: White/blue/green/navy. etc Matarial: 16-40GSM spunbonded polypropylene&SMS round -neck&v-neck&Pockets are available Type: Long sleeves/short sleeves/short sleeves/ non sleeves Elastic/knitted cuffs Ties on neck and waist More Product Features Trademark: lijie Standard: 115*127cm, 115*136cm, 115*145cm, 130*150cm Company: Xian Tao Chang Tian Textile Co.,Ltd.
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Contact Info
Company: Xian Tao Chang Tian Textile Co.,Ltd
Area: China/Hubei
Contact: Mr. Belinta(Sales Departme
Tel: 86-752-7676817
Web site:
Add: No. 64 Xiantao Dadao Zhong, Xiantao, Hubei, China
Zip: 433000

Supplier's information
   Xian Tao Chang Tian Textile Co.,Ltd

     We're Chinese manufacturer of Disposable non-woven products looking for importer or distributor ..... more >>

Contact: Mr. Belinta(Sales Departme 

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