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Surgical PPH 33

Surgical PPH 33
  • Product Detials:REACH Procedure Sets for Prolapse and Hemorrho is a set of instruments that place a double staggered, circular row of titanium staples. Immediately after the formation of staplers, the circular knife blade resects the excess of compressed mucosa. The sets are commonly used in the procedures for prolapse and hemorrhoids. They are also used for other applications when circular or semicircular stapling of anorectal tissue is required. Origin: China Feature: Disposable Material: Plastic Company: Reach Surgical (Beijing) Inc.
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Contact Info
Company: Reach Surgical(Beijing)Inc.
Area: China/Beijing
Contact: Mrs. Hong Chen(Marketing a
Tel: 86-10-80704460
Fax: 86-10-80704453
Web site:
Add: B-211, 29 Life Science Park Road, Changping District, Beijing, China
Zip: 102206

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   Reach Surgical(Beijing)Inc.

     Reach Surgical (Beijing), Inc., established in November 2005, is a wholly owned foreign enterpr ..... more >>

Contact: Mrs. Hong Chen(Marketing a 

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