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Three-way Stopcock

Three-way Stopcock
  • Product Detials:The company covers an area of 8000 square meters, 100, 000 square purification plant in 2000, 1000 square meters of office buildings with first-class production lines and purification equipment, advanced technology and reasonable means of detection are available and in 2001 the adoption of quality management system certification. We are specializing in the production of disposable medical equipment, medical supplies, medical polymer products such as plastics and OEM parts processing, mold manufacturing, research, development, production, assembly, packaging, sterilization, such as one-stop service for you. The company has received: ISO9001, ISO13485, CE and so on certification by TUV in Shanghai. Medical products company primarily engaged in processing plastic injection OEM, mold design and manufacturing business, and so on, the main customers are located in Shanghai, Europe and the United States and other places, injection molding product processing industries have their medical supplies, and other one-time (such as: Heparin cap, the three-way valve for medical, public Spiral, Medical plastics processing OEM, medical supplies processing OEM, processing medical equipment OEM, medical device mold). Trademark: OEM Productivity: Consultations Unit Price/Payment: Consultations Company: Suzhou Health Plastic Products Co., Ltd.
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Contact Info
Company: Suzhou Health Plastic Products Co.,Ltd
Area: China/Jiangsu
Contact: Mr. Fu Xulin(Marketing Dep
Tel: 86-13771830306
Fax: 86-512-66317241
Web site:
Add: No. 99zhongta Rd, Mu Dutown, Wuzhong District, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
Zip: 215164

Supplier's information
   Suzhou Health Plastic Products Co.,Ltd

     The company covers an area of 8000 square meters, 100, 000 square purification plant in 2000, 1 ..... more >>

Contact: Mr. Fu Xulin(Marketing Dep 

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