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Dental X-ray Unit (SDT-E212)

Dental X-ray Unit (SDT-E212)
  • Product Detials:Dental X-ray Unit moving type (SDT-E212)
    Use advanced technology, high-efficiency, clear imaging
    Low leak radial
    Light touched button, controled by micro computer, just press on button to select exposure parameter, fast and accurate
    Develop in light room in one minute, doctor can diagnose conveniently for maximum
    Arm length is 2m, can shoot in any direction
    Can be also applied for oral digital imaging system

    Power supply: 220V/110V 50/60Hz 1KVA
    Tube voltage: 60kVp
    Tube current: 8mA
    Focus size: 1.5mm
    Total filtration: 2.5mmAL
    Exposure time: 0.2~4sec
    Leak radiation: 1 meter away: ≤ 0.002mGy/h
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Contact Info
Company: Zhengzhou Smile Dental Equipment Co.,Ltd
Area: China/Henan
Contact: Ms. Sara Liang
Tel: 86-371-63862996
Fax: 86-371-63862996
Web site:
Add: No. 76, Huanghe Road, Zhengzhou, Henan, China
Zip: 450012

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   Zhengzhou Smile Dental Equipment Co.,Ltd

     Zhengzhou Smile Dental Equipment Co., Ltd. We regard customer satisfaction and market cultivati ..... more >>

Contact: Ms. Sara Liang 

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