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16-Channel Digital EEG (NeuExpert-EEG-A16)

16-Channel Digital EEG (NeuExpert-EEG-A16)
  • Product Detials:Wireless Blue-tooth Digital EEG
    Model: NeuExpert-EEG

    1) Wireless Bluetooth connection between patients and computer, realize freedom movement for patients, and elimilate interference from AC power supply with wire connection effectively.
    2) 6V DC power supply for EEG amplifier elimilates risk of electric shock to patients.
    3) EEG amplifier integrated all the function of signal magnification, A/D transform, LCD display and wireless transmission. And it can show one channel waveform (arbitrarily and can be changed ); Present time, collection time, storage capacity, version information, serial number and battery status.
    4) No need to use ground wire, suitable for different examine environment.
    5) Modular design, it's easy for transportation and installation, also easy for clinical application.
    6) With USB connector, able to select desktop or laptop computer.
    7) Able to select intraoperative deep electrode or subdural electrode to process IOM.
    8) Video signal and EEG signal can be synchronously collected, edited and quickly displayed with optional Video system.
    9) Optional flash stimulator to evoke patient's epilepsy seizure. Flash simulation is in synchronism with EEG waveform acquisition and the frequency and time of flash stimulation can be set arbitrarily.

    This model (NeuExpert-EEG-A16) is 16-channel Wireless Blue-tooth digital EEG, you can also choose other varial models as below:
    A. NeuExpert-EEG-A8/A24/A32/A64
    1) NeuExpert-EEG-A8: 8-channel Wireless Blue-tooth digital EEG;
    2) NeuExpert-EEG-A24: 24-channel Wireless Blue-tooth digital EEG;
    3) NeuExpert-EEG-A32: 32-channel Wireless Blue-tooth digital EEG;
    4) NeuExpert-EEG-A64: 64-channel Wireless Blue-tooth digital EEG;
    (* All-in-one bracket electrode)
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