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PUY-1688 Urine Chemistry Analyzer

PUY-1688 Urine Chemistry Analyzer
  • Product Detials:Specifications
    Test items: GLU, BIL, KET, SG, BLO, PRO, URO, NIT and LEU
    Working wavelength: 557nm, 610nm and 660nm
    Test speed of single step
    Running mode: 60/h
    Test speed of continuous
    Running mode: 210/h
    Data storage: No more than 100 samples
    Printer: Internal high-speed thermal printer
    User Information: Year, month, day, week, time, sample
    Number and sample code

    The instrument can automatically identify whether the reagent strip has been placed or not and can automatically inspect changes of the reagent strip.
    The instrument has the function of compensating the environmental
    Temperature and can compensate the test results.
    The instrument can print and show the test results.
    The instrument has a big liquid crystal display and a user-friendly menu
    System for convenient operation.
    The instrument has a calendar and a clock.
    The instrument has a RS232 communication port.
    Working Conditions:
    Environmental Temperature: 10-40ºC;
    Relative Humidity:
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Company: Nanjing Perlove Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd
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Contact: Miss Miao Yuan
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Fax: 86-25-87187780
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Add: No. 168 Kaiyuan Road, Jiangning Science Park, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
Zip: 211112

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