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Oxygen Concentrator (5l/min, 14.5kg) (PSAB02)

Oxygen Concentrator (5l/min, 14.5kg)  (PSAB02)
  • Product Detials:Special Product Features:

    1. Innovative Design, different from traditional oxygen concentrators.

    2. With the lightest body and smallest volume compared to other concentrators made in China, convenient for use.

    3. Advanced electronic technology, very stable function.

    4. Low-carbon product, on plateaus the power consumption is just 350W/H, on plain lands the power consumption is lower than 300W/H.

    5. Stable performance, even the operating oxygen concentrator is turning around by 360° , the performance will not be affected.

    6. With advanced bacteria filter, filtrating 99% impurities.
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Company: Megalog Industrial Co.,Limited
Area: China/Guangdong
Contact: Mr. Wallace Tang
Tel: 86-757-86702754
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Add: Pingnan Industrial District, Pingzhou, Nanhai Area, Foshan, Guangdong, China
Zip: 528251

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   Megalog Industrial Co.,Limited

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