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Folding Stretcher (EDJ-007B)

Folding Stretcher (EDJ-007B)
  • Product Detials:EMSS Folding Stretcher (EDJ-007-B)
    The folding stretcher is made of high strength AL-alloy material and the water-tightness leather, with light weigh, portable, easy to carry out and safety to use, etc.
    It is commonly used in hospital, gymnasium, ambulance, army hospital to carry the sick and the wounded.

    Technical parameters:
    Unfold Size (L x W x H): 185x48x20cm
    Fold Size (L x W x H): 46x48x14cm
    Net weight: 7kg
    Max load capacity: ≤ 159kg
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Company: Shanghai EMSS Med & Tech Co.,Ltd
Area: China/Shanghai
Contact: Mr. Ted
Tel: 86-21-61020118
Fax: 86-21-31265113
Web site:
Add: Room 501, No. 2, Lane 777, South Zhongshan 2 Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China
Zip: 200032

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   Shanghai EMSS Med & Tech Co.,Ltd

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Contact: Mr. Ted 

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