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Medical Tourniquet (EF-001)

Medical Tourniquet (EF-001)
  • Product Detials:The buckles tourniquet, uses high quality may the loose and tight nylon lining and the self acting valve buckles the design, has the ease of operation to be quick, characteristics and so on.

    Elegant appearance, are more practical than the traditional rubber pipe, enhanced pressure on the arteries to stanch.
    Quick release provide instant removal.


    Material: Latex thread, tight nylon & ABS buckle
    Standard color: Blue
    Logo: Marketed with CE logo
    Product size: 40*2.5*0.15 cm
    Packing: 500 PCS /carton (100PCS/box, 5 boxes/carton)
    Packing size: 34*34*29 cm
    G. W: 13 kg/carton (2.5kg / box)
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Company: Shanghai EMSS Med & Tech Co.,Ltd
Area: China/Shanghai
Contact: Mr. Ted
Tel: 86-21-61020118
Fax: 86-21-31265113
Web site:
Add: Room 501, No. 2, Lane 777, South Zhongshan 2 Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China
Zip: 200032

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   Shanghai EMSS Med & Tech Co.,Ltd

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Contact: Mr. Ted 

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