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Medical Film Viewer (HSX)

Medical Film Viewer (HSX)
  • Product Detials:Features:
    1. Adopt LED backlight and high frequency inverted technology, no flash or fake film.
    2. Exquisite profile, 45mm thickness, hang to the wall or lay on the table, save space.
    3. Anti-ultraviolet ray, never fade in color, light is tender and protective to eyes.
    4. 10, 000lux luminosity, over 90% uniformity, show the film crystal clear.
    5. 1 section, 2 sections, 3 sections and 4 sections are available.
    6. Adopt rare earth Al alloy, transmutation-resistant, high weatherability.
    7. Be suit for clinic to observe CT, MR, X-ray film or for photographers.
    8. Each section works independently, adjustable brightness.
    9. Use CE approved adaptor.

    1. Use cardboard boxes.
    2. Form-filled keep from smashing by some sharp instrument.
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