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Automatic Hematology Analyzer (CBC-6000)

Automatic Hematology Analyzer (CBC-6000)
  • Product Detials:Automatic Hematology Analyzer(CBC-6000)
    Sunostik Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

    3-part differentiation of WBC, with 22 parameters.
    Three types of reagent: Dilunent, hemolytic agent, cleaning fluid.
    The fluid pipe with inductance device, automatically sensitizing the volume of reagent.
    Large color LCD display, on-line assistance hinted in English/Chinese.
    Real time Chinese input, editing and managing the statistics.
    Auto reverse flushing and high pressure burn, block clearing.
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Company: Sunostik Medical Technology Co.,Ltd
Area: China/Jilin
Contact: Mr. Eric Wang(Internationa
Tel: 86-431-85823168
Fax: 86-431-84651234
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Add: 733 Kunshan Road, Economy And Technology Development Zone, Changchun, Jilin, China
Zip: 13033

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