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HCG Pregnancy Rapid Test (Serum/Urine) (A10-S20)

HCG Pregnancy Rapid Test (Serum/Urine) (A10-S20)
  • Product Detials:The Core One Step HCG Test is made for the rapid detection of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in urine specimens. This test kit is used to obtain a visual, qualitative result, and not any apparatus, not any denger, not expensive and only several minutes. It can apply to professional and IN VITRO diagnostic use.

    Specification: Cassette, strip,
    Specimen: Urine/Serum

    Features: Safe, rapid, accurate, easy to use, easy to read, high sensitivity, lower price and higher quality. No cross-reactivity, not any apparatus, not any denger, not expensive and only several minutes.

    Model No.: A10-S11
    Specification: 2.5MM Strip
    Specimen: Urine/SERUM
    Packing: 1T/pouch, 100T/box, 5000T/carton
    Carton Dimension: 60*43.5*30cm
    Muni Qty: 20000(PCS)

    Model No.: A10-S20
    Specification: Cassette
    Specimen: Urine/Serum
    Packing: 1T/pouch, 25T/box, 1500T/CTN
    Carton Dimension: 62*41*37cm
    Muni Qty: 5000(PCS)

    Model No. A10-s21
    Specification: Cassette
    Specimen: Urine/serum
    Packing: 1T/pouch, 1T/box, 500T/CTN
    Carton Dimension: 72.5*42*42cm
    Muni Qty: 5000 (PCS)
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