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Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner 3000v

Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner 3000v
  • Product Detials:Model  3000V    
    Veterinary gestational age for equine, bovine, swiine, sheep, cat, dog.
    Detect empty pregnancy and pregnant number.
    Monitor: 5 inch TFT LCD
    Measurements: Distance, circumference, area, volume, EF rate, heart rate
    Operational Modes: B, Dual B, B/M, M, 4B
    Brightness and contract: Abjustable
    Grey level: 256 tones
    Scanning depth: 220mm
    Scan angle: Adjustable
    Image flip: Up/down, left/right
    Battery Continuous work: >= 3 hours
    Net weight: 1.3 Kg
    Dimension: 263 x 153 x 46 mm
    Standard configuration:
    LV2-2/6.5MHz Rectal probe
    Optional probes:
    C2-6/40R/3.5MHz convex probe
    C2-7/20R/5.0MHz micro-convex probe
    L2-5/7.5MHz HF linear probe
    EL2-5/7.5MHz rectal probe
    EC2-2/13R/6.5MHz endo-vaginal probe
    Packing information:
    Aluminum case
    Gross weight: 6 KGs
    Carton Dimension: 490 x 240 x 370 mm
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Company: Welld Ultrascan Co.,Ltd
Area: China/Guangdong
Contact: Mr. S.T.Poon
Tel: 86-755-86658676
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Add: Xinnengyuan Bldg, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

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   Welld Ultrascan Co.,Ltd

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