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Anesthesia Machine (THR-MJ-560B5)

Anesthesia Machine (THR-MJ-560B5)
  • Product Detials:THR-MJ-560B5 based on ergonomics of the design, structure concise and fluent, mobile, lightweight comfortable. Microcomputer control of the ventilator imported sensors and components, and production processes to ensure that rigorous internal quality products, folding bellows breathing mechanical ventilation system so that security situation, intuitive. High-precision anesthesia evaporators to ensure that the concentration of anesthesia output accuracy. Power transmission and gas metering system to ensure the safe and reliable gas supply. The aircraft brought together a number of modern technologies, is a fine performance, functionally complete anesthesia machine.
    This machine uses in respiratory control, respiratory intensive care, 5.1-inch high clear display, pressure time wave and Velocity-time wave to monitor respiratory condition Multi-directionally;
    The high-precision evaporator has the stable output concentration with pressure, temperature, and flow automatic compensation; Choose one among Enflurane, isoflurane and sevoflurane for a matching; Main technical parameters Part of Anesthesia Machine
    Console High-strength engineering plastic rack, light, beautiful and corrosion resistance
    Scope Adult, Child
    Gas source oxygennitrous oxide: 0.3~0.5MPa
    Flow meter oxygen: 0.1~10L/min 1.1~10L/min nitrous oxide: 0.1~10L/min 1.1~10L/min air: 0.1~10L/min
    Oxygennitrous oxide linkage and nitrous oxide Truncation device When use nitrous oxide, oxygen concentration>25%; When the oxygen pressure<0.2Kpa, the flow of nitrous oxide would be cut off.
    Rapid oxygen flow 35~75L/min
    Vaporizer It has the function of pressure, temperature, and flow automatic compensation. The regulation range of evaporator concentration is 0~5vol%. Choose two among enflurane, isoflurane and sevoflurane for a matching according to the demands of customer. We also prepare original imported Penlon and Drager vaporizers for choosing.
    Low oxygen pressure alarm It will be alarmed when the oxygen pressure < 0.2MPa
    Respiratory circuit Work mode all close. Semi-close. Semi-open Pressure release 0.5~7KPa
    Bellows breathing Adults and child bellows Tidal volume range: 0~1500ml child bellows Tidal volume range: 0~300ml Adultschildren bellowschildren loop are arbitrary choice for users. Part of Ventilator
    Display mode 5.7-inch high clear display
    Ventilation parameters Tidal volume 50~1500ml Frequency 4~60/min breath /expiratory ratio 2: 1~1: 8 Trigger sensitivity -1.0~-0.1Kpa PEEP 0~1.0Kpa Pressure Control 1~6Kpa SIGH 1.5 breath times breath pause 10-50%
    Ventilation monitoring parameters tidal volume. Ventilation. IPPV ratio. Breath /expiratory ratio. Peak pressure. Pressure time wave. Velocity-time wave. Total respiratory rate. Airway pressure wave. PEEP. Breath pressure trigger. Breath pause.
    Monitoring oxygen concentration 21%~100%
    Security Alert System Oxygen Concentration alarm upper limit setting range 50%~100% low limit setting range 15%~50% Airway pressure alarm upper limit setting range 1~6Kpa low limit setting range 0.4~2Kpa Alarm minute ventilation upper limit setting range 3.0~30L/min low limit setting range 1~10L/min Asphyxia alarm The machine will give sound and light alarm if there is no tidal volume input in 15s Power failure alarm
    Power AC 220V, 50Hz UPS. Battery. (choose and match)
    Manipulators (choose and match)
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