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Disposable Surgical Gown

Disposable Surgical Gown
  • Product Detials:1.Surgical gown with knit cuffs
    2.Light weight, soft, breathable
    3.Soft knit cuffs for wrist comfort
    4.Anti-bacterial, alcohol-repellent, blood-repellent
    5.Ties on neck and waist, permit freedom of movement
    6.Waterproof dustproof breathable, soft, comfortable mobility
    7.We can supply disposable non woven surgical gown, lab coat, scrub suit, workwear, kimino, pants, coverall of super quality and competitive price.
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Contact Info
Company: Xiantao Rhycom Non-Woven Products Co.,Ltd
Area: China/Hubei
Contact: Ms. Sarah Fan
Tel: 86-728-3282087
Fax: 86-728-3282086
Web site:
Add: Team 8, Dahong Village, Ganhe District, Xiantao, Hubei, China
Zip: 433000

Supplier's information
   Xiantao Rhycom Non-Woven Products Co.,Ltd

     Rhycom company is situated in Xiantao city of Hubei province, which is the biggest non-woven pr ..... more >>

Contact: Ms. Sarah Fan 

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