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Continuous Infusion Pump (ISO Approved)

Continuous Infusion Pump (ISO Approved)
  • Product Detials:ISO Approved
    1) Feature and application

    The product works as the persistent and default speed of charge. It's driven by silica gel reservoir, it realizes Minim and persistent charge by controlling the flow rate using current limiting device. Patient can append dose by medical order with the help of PCA, which realize the goal of clinical minim charge.

    2) Range of application

    Our product is used clinically of persistent liquid medicine charge in minim fluid infusion.

    3) Type and specification

    CBI-M100 2.0ml/h 3.0ml/h 4.0ml/h
    CBI+PCA-M100 2.0ml/h 3.0ml/h 4.0ml/h
    CBI-M200 2.0ml/h 3.0ml/h 4.0ml/h
    CBI+PCA-M200 2.0ml/h 3.0ml/h 4.0ml/h

    Volume automatic controlled: 0.5ml/ 15min

    4. Operation guide

    1. Open the package after confirming that the package is in good condition and the type as well as specification is correct.
    2. Close the clip and then open the shell of the charge orifice, absorb the deployed liquid medicine into the asepsis injector.
    3. Move the card in the automatic controller when you use the type of CBI+PCA-M200.
    4. Open the clip to drain the air away, connect the pipe joint after confirming that some liquid outflows.
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