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Disposable Coverall

Disposable Coverall
  • Product Detials:We are a manufacturer since 1994. During the two decades, we develop quickly, with reliable quality control, good team work and competitive offer.

    Coverall is made of polypropylene, which is used for health care, laboratory, industrial safety, clean rooms, and food service

    Weight: 40GSM

    Color: White and other colors

    Type: M/L/XL/XXL
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Contact Info
Company: Xiantao Fortune Medical Supplies Co.,Ltd
Area: China/Hubei
Contact: Mr. Jason
Tel: 86-728-2640998
Fax: 86-728-2640998
Web site:
Add: 182#, Hechang New Street, Pengchang Town, Xiantao, Hubei, China

Supplier's information
   Xiantao Fortune Medical Supplies Co.,Ltd

     Xiantao Fortune Medical Supplies Co., Ltd. The company inherits the management theory ..... more >>

Contact: Mr. Jason 

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