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Nitrile Gloves-Medical Grade-Blue

Nitrile Gloves-Medical Grade-Blue
  • Product Detials:LEGEND Nitrile Examination Gloves are formulated with 100% nitrile polymer which contains no natural rubber latex (NRL) protein, and thus is ideal for persons who are allergic to NRL. The gloves are with micro textured surface to provide better grip strength. Unique patented polymer coating technology using a totally powder-free manufacturing process. Low modulus for greater dexterity and comfort, outstanding film integrity exceeds to ASTM standard.

    1. 100% Latex Free Formula Protein Free
    2. Powder Free
    3. Polymer Coated Process
    4. Strong & Durable
    5. Stretch & Sensitive
    6. Micro Texture Surface(Easier Grip)
    7. Exceeds ASTM & FDA Standards

    1. No Skin irritation or Allergic Reaction Caused by Natural Latex
    2. No Infection or Contamination Caused by Glove Powder
    3. No Harsh or Hazardous Chemicals
    4. An Excellent Barrier to Infectious and Viral Agents
    5. Added Comfort & Improved Fit
    6. Consistent & Reliable Quality with Affordable Price

    Size: S, M, L, XL
    Thickness: 4min~8min
    Length: 240mm, 290mm
    Packing: 100PCS/box, 10boxes/carton
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Company: Jda(Tianjin)Plastic Rubber Co.,Ltd
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Tel: 86-22-25764710
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Add: No. 17 Haibin No. 7 Road, Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, Tianjin, China
Zip: 300456

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   Jda(Tianjin)Plastic Rubber Co.,Ltd

     JDA (Tianjin) Plastic Rubber Co., Ltd is a multi-national company with nitrile glove manufactur ..... more >>

Contact: Mr. Hongyu Zhao(Marketing Depa 

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