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Protective Coverall

Protective Coverall
  • Product Detials:1. Disposable; Soft

    2. Cool and comfortable to wear

    3. Allow great freedom of movement

    4. Lightweight, durable and superior breathable & comfortable

    5. High structure strength with excellent tensile, tear and abrasion resistance

    6. High quality for protecting very small particle of dust, chemical and water-resistance

    7. Sanitation and quality in accordance with the CE, FDA and ISO13485 standards.
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Contact Info
Company: Hubei Xianbao Medical & Health Products Co.,Ltd
Area: China/Hubei
Contact: Ms. Alisa(Sales Department)
Tel: 86-728-3257599
Fax: 86-728-3206218
Web site:
Add: No.112 Xianyuan Road, Xiantao, Hubei, China
Zip: 433000

Supplier's information
   Hubei Xianbao Medical & Health Products Co.,Ltd

     Xiantao City Medical & health Products Factory Hubei Province was founded in 1987. The fact ..... more >>

Contact: Ms. Alisa(Sales Department) 

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