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Tongue Depressors

Tongue Depressors
  • Product Detials:Unparalleled technology and excellent craftsman are what we are persisting in for our customers. In recent years, our achievement increases constantly under the trust and support of all regular and new customers. Your satisfaction is our pursuit. Except this, we also have Paint Paddle, Wooden Round Stick, Ice Cream Sticks, Wooden Round Stick, Wooden Round Stick, Cotton Swab, Wooden Skewers, Toothpicks, Cutting Board, Wooden Fence, Blinds, Floor series, ect. We have first-class produce and service team, we will let you happy to come and satisfied to back. Don't be hesitate, pls contact us! We can produce any size is available according to clients' need.
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Contact Info
Company: Heilongjian Xinyuanda International Trade.Co.,Ltd
Area: China/Heilongjiang
Contact: Mrs. Anita
Tel: 86-453-6256122
Fax: 86-453-6256322
Web site:
Add: Mudanstreet No.1, Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang, China

Supplier's information
   Heilongjian Xinyuanda International Trade.Co.,Ltd

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Contact: Mrs. Anita 

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