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Catheter Fixing Plaster

Catheter Fixing Plaster
  • Scope:Wound care, surgery protection, medical protection,etc
  • Product Detials:
    Detailed Product Description

    1.Breathable,Sticky time long

    3.Hypoallergenic and proper viscidity

    1.Breathable,Sticky time long,elasticity,waterproof,Hypoallergenic and proper viscidity,Fixing and covering catheter,Needles.
    2.In the utility model of medical device technical areas,used for Transfusion tube fixed.
    3.Noninvasive fixation and easy operation,both reached the catheter fixed purpose, and reduce the risk of infection patient and pain.

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Contact Info
Company: Shandong Cheerain Medical Co., Ltd.
Area: China
Contact: Jiangang Li
Tel: 0533-6122020
Fax: 0533-3157289
Web site:
Add: No. 192, Minxiang Road, High-Tech Zone, Zibo, Shandong, China (Mainland)
Zip: 255000

Supplier's information
   Shandong Cheerain Medical Co., Ltd.

     Shandong Cheerain Medical Co., Ltd. is a modernistic corporation focusing on the R&D, productio ..... more >>

Contact: Jiangang Li 

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