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portable people Anesthesia machine

portable  people  Anesthesia  machine
  • Scope:Advanced temperature, flow and pressure compensation, ensuring accurate anesthetic output concentration in various complex situations Stably deliver agent, automatic temperature-compensating .deliver accurate agent Sophisticated deli
  • Product Detials:

    l CE approved portable anesthesia machine

    l Compact light-weight and portable, could be transported by pull-rod case, put on table and assembly on the trolley.

    l Jackson or Bains Absorber is available

    l Specifically designed to accomodate low flow

    l Selectatec-bar and quick change vaporizer mounting device

    l Professional airtight breathing circuit design, provide the stable gas anesthesia, save anesthesia gas consumption, to ensure a clean operating room and laboratory environment.

    l External and reusable soda lime canister, easily watch and replace soda lime.

    l With Oxygen flush function to ensure that clinical anesthesia demand and Oxgyen supply demand.

    l With APL pressure reducing valve to prevent pressure to hurt the animal, ensure the animal safety .

    l Wastewater discharge system

    l Visible inspiration and expiration valve

    l Could upgrade to Oxygen&N2O or Oxygen&Air flow meter freely

    l Module rack with polyester medical material with superior spray technology, high strength and light weight.

    l With transport case, convenient to take and transport

    Easy to disassemble and assemble all the components, convenient for clean and maintenance

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Company: Zhong ke Base Medical Technology(Beijing) Co.,Ltd
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   Zhong ke Base Medical Technology(Beijing) Co.,Ltd

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