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Dental Chair

Dental Chair
  • Product Detials:
    Product Description
    1.High-speed handpiece tubing with connector(2 hole or 4 hole)2 set each
    2.Low-speed handpiece tubing with connector (2 hole or 4 hole)1 set
    3.Three way syringe1set
    4Saliva ejector with strong and low suction1set
    5Operation light 1set
    624V X-film viewer1set
    7Adjustable headrest1set
    8Water purified System 1set
    9Foot control /pedal1set
    10Water supply and spitton flush system1set
    11Rotatable glass cuspidor 1set
    12Sanitary seamless cushion1set
    13Assistant tray1set
    14Dentist stool 1set
    1Power supply voltage:AC220V/110V,50Hz/60Hz 
    2Air sorece pressure:>0.55Mpa 
    3water source pressure:0.2Mpa-0.4Mpa 
    1scaler,curing light,handpiece,oral cameral system,air compressor 
    2Soft  leather seat cushion ,sesor operation light  
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Contact Info
Company: Guangzhou Shunyuan medical technology Co., Ltd
Area: China
Contact: Miss Green Dai
Tel: +86-20-87497542 87497469
Fax: +86-020-87497541
Web site:
Add: 3 Longxing Southeast 1 Road Baiyun District Guangzhou
Zip: 510540

Supplier's information
   Guangzhou Shunyuan medical technology Co., Ltd

     Guangzhou Shunyuan medical technology Co., Ltd is a science and technology enterprise, engaging ..... more >>

Contact: Miss Green Dai  

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