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Video Laryngoscope VL300

Video Laryngoscope VL300
  • Scope:Conventional and Difficult Airway Intubation
  • Product Detials:
    * LCD Screen with high pixel resolution
    * LED illumination
    * Ergonomically designed handle
    * Rechargeable Lithium battery
    * Lightweight and portable – Ready for any situation
    * Consistently clear view of the airway
    * Ideal for difficult airways, convenient for routine airways
    * Anti-fog feature, with rapid heating to resist lens fogging
    * Five individual blade sizes cover the full range of patient needs from neonatal, pediatric to adult
    * Easy to use, learn, and teach
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Contact Info
Company: Zhejiang UE Medical Corp.
Area: China/Zhejiang
Contact: Troy Ma
Tel: +86-576-8778 8798
Fax: +86-576-8772 1129
Web site:
Add: No.153 Linxi Road, Fuying District, Xianju, Zhejiang, China
Zip: 317300

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   Zhejiang UE Medical Corp.

       Aiming to be an international provider of leading healthcare solutions and overall equipmen ..... more >>

Contact: Troy Ma 

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