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Erectile Dysfunction Healing Device(SNH-388A)

  • Product Detials:
    Brief IntroductionThe EDDHD can check the blood artery vessels of the penis through its advanced
    Doppler ultrasound technology; and with the help of the checking results, doctors
    can make accurate diagnosis and draw up scientific therapeutic program.Controlled by microcomputer and based on the theory of blood artery theory, the
    EDDHD helps to activate the blood circulation of the human organ and impel the
    inner penis tissue to bloodshot rapidly, so as to reach the effect of prompt erection.Being a special medical apparatus for male erectile dysfunction (ED), the EDDHD is
    particularly effective against psychogenic, arterial, venous, nervous, endocrine,
    iatrogenic and drug-induced dysfunction and can cause rapid erection in 15 seconds.
    It also has a magic effect in treating premature ejaculation, seminal emission
    and enlarging the small penis.
    Product FunctionsIntermittent vacuum negative pressure;Low-frequency acupuncture stimulation by electrode;Doppler ultrasound examination;Long-range consultations of doctors;Electronic management of the patient's data;Simultaneous financial control of the treatment data;Patient's data can be printed out at any time.
    Therapeutic TheoryBy applying the negative pressure device to the female reproductive organ, the
    EDDHD expands the arterial vessel and speeds up the volume of blood flow so as
    to cause the penis to erect immediately with sufficient hardness. And by preventing
    the venous blood from flowing back, the penis can maintain lasting erection
    to finish the sexual intercourse and create satisfactory sexual life.By means of the theory of blood artery, the device helps to activate the blood
    circulation of the human organ, impel the inner penis tissues to bloodshot rapidly
    and improve the fiber tissues at the root of the penis.The EDDHD can search the acupuncture points intelligently via the computer high technology,
    and stimulate the human acupuncture with the special-designed electrode,
    which can accelerate the blood circulation and expand the narrow and jammed
    blood vessels.Product FeaturesBy using the therapeutic theory of intermittent negative pressure, the device
    is more human and the ED patient feels very comfortable during the treatment (all
    of the negative pressure equipments sold on the market at present are of continuous
    type and have no automatic safety device).The EDDHD can adjust the intensity of the negative pressure and the low-frequency
    therapy according to the individual needs, which will avoid such harmful reactions
    like dropsy and stasis of blood (all of the products sold on the market
    at present will cause such harmful reactions of different degrees, not secure at
    all.)More than 78% validity rate for the psychogenic, arterial, venous, nervous, endocrine,
    iatrogenic and drug-induced ED.Effective for the Organic ED.Product EffectImmediate erection in 15 seconds, for non-organic ED patients;This device makes penis longer and larger than before;Prolong the sexual intercourse; improve the quality of sexual life.It can be the assistant device for organic ED patients.Activate blood circulation of penis; speed up the second-birth of the sell.Rebuild the ED patient's confidence by seeing the whole course of the erection.ED patients can have sexual life immediately after the treatment.
    Special RemarksFor the male who has normal sexual life, the EDDHD may help to increase the length
    and the rigidity of the penis, prolong the sexual intercourse and improve
    the quality of the sexual life (the EDDHD is effective for men with premature ejaculation
    after only single treatment)
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