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  • 1.Your site may not contain illegal, reactionary, pornograph- ic and any other undesirable content.
  • 2.You should have a few repu- tation in the field concerned.
  • 3.Your site established for more than one year.
  • 4.You should have more than 1000 pageviews from indepen- dent IP every day.
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PharmNet is the largest pharmaceutical-specific website in China holding the biggest database including medicine, pharmaceutical machinery, healthy food and so on. PharmNet is also a pharmaceutical product marketing network.
TexNet has aimed to provide textile industry professionals worldwide with the most comprehensive information resources. We bring you the most relevant information, products, and services on the internet through our search directory.
Korean Website as the Korean version for ChemNet, which is mainly serve for Korean chemical websites for extending their trade.
Toocle.com - is a unique B2B websites search engine including various industry and reliable enterprises. A large database has been formed to promote China trusted manufacturers to overseas merchandisers.
Toocle.cn - is the unique specific B2B websites alliance in China integrating all the information from the partners and offering the most specialized and synthetically B2B service to the users.
Efu established in July, 2001 is one of China's leading e-commerce companies. It operates the world's largest online international and domestic marketplace for the China garment trade.
MechNet is the largest mechanism network which serves for the relevant enterprises on technology, craftwork, and also trade issues.
AgroNet offers services as building a bridge for agricultural trade, establishing websites for enterprises, websites promotion and ERP services. As a leading B2B web service provider, AgroNet also collect plenty ...